Honey from the Hood

Transition sucks. No fluff, no filter. I hate it. I have felt uneasy, uncomfortable and just plain unwelcomed in the past year during my transition into a new position. In addition to both of us starting new jobs last year, my husband and I also sold our first home together and moved across the river to an area that was “not so great.” We’ve since moved AGAIN to a nicer area and I’m just now beginning to find peace in this transition period of our lives. I wanted this. I wanted to move forward in my career and I wanted to sell my house in order to start the process of moving closer to my family. What I didn’t want was the discomfort of being new. New to the agency, new to the team, new to the process and new to the neighborhood. Now “safely” on the other side, I have found that with this discomfort came growth and experiences beyond what I could have imagined when I accepted the offer.

During my work with one of my clients, I happened upon an organization that gardens, harvests and packages their produce with the help of youth involved in the juvenile justice system. On this organization’s buildings, there are murals of bright colors and imaginative scenes, much different from the gray decaying buildings that surround them. I found out that they have bee hives. Bee hives in the middle of concrete and stoplights. Honey among poverty and despair.  Bee hives from which they harvest honey and package it themselves. It’s called Honey from the Hood. This is the kind of existence I strive for and often fall short of. I long to be that person that finds the sweet in the midst of the sour. I can do it….I can find honey from the hood. This is my goal for the new year. The words from one of my favorite songs from Jamaica capture it best, “I am blessed. I am blessed. Every day of my life I am blessed. When I wake up in the morning, when I lay my head to rest. I am blessed. I am blessed.” My God brings honey and has equipped me to handle the sour. So here’s to a year of sweetness beyond measure. To savoring the sweet notes of life and learning from the sour. Keep going my sweet bees! Find your honey and drink it in J


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