Here’s to being REAL.

I am going to be honest. I already wrote this post once and after re-reading it five times decided to hit publish. Went to my page….is that what you call it…..a page? Anyway, went to my page (please correct me if I’m wrong;) and couldn’t find it. My first thought to myself was, “see you can’t even do this right!” I am so mean to myself. So instead of shutting down and going to run, and by run I mean, get disappointed in my lack of motivation and eat ice cream instead, I decided to take a second go at this. Perhaps this post will be much more insightful and this is the reason I lost the first post. I love to be real. I think it makes people uncomfortable sometimes, including myself and I sometimes, over disclose to the point that I wish I could take it back. I am a glass half empty kind of girl on the inside and I hate that about myself. I am anxious to the point of tears at times and I can be my own worst enemy. I hate to hurt other people’s feelings, but I really like expressing my own. I am not getting younger, but I am getting wiser. I hope that this process will allow me to work through my thoughts and feelings. I hope to encourage others to be real with each other and more importantly themselves. Join me in this messy process we call life and become real to the point of no return. What would life look like if we were all real? No trying to impress, just being real. Being honest, being true, being beautiful despite all of what is ugly about us. 


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